Additional way to monetize your trading strategy

Do you manage investors’ funds? Your trading strategy will take place in a “PRO” category.

Connect your trading account to our platform and start achieving extra profits that never depend on investor’s account results. You can get commissions from the trade turnover formed of strategy followers’ accounts.


The “PRO” status will help you stand out against other traders, gain clients’ confidence and raise your popularity.

  • Receive 50% of the commission/spread that we get from brokers
  • Guaranteed income from live followers
  • Profit that doesn’t depend on your trading results
  • Payments are made even, if a month ends at a loss
  • Funds withdrawal to a bank account or ATM card
  • Connection requires no initial investment

Basic requirements

Minimum requirements for application consideration

  • The current equity sum is higher than 50,000 USD (or any other currency equivalent)
  • Trade history for at least 6 months
  • Maximum drawdown is up to ~35%
  • Current yield is higher than maximum drawdown

If you don’t fall short of requirements, we suggest becoming a signal provider.

Get “PRO” status and become a valuable international team player