Service is free of charge. *
Minimum deposit 100 USD.

No need to have VPS server or keep PC running.
Ability to copy unlimited number of trading strategies as well as trade manually in one brokerage account.

  • What’s the service cost?
    This service is free of charge. You won’t have to pay monthly subscription cost (subscription fee), percentage of management sum (management fee) or percentage of profits achieved (performance fee).
  • * How does your company earn?
    We get commission/spread of your trades from partnered brokers. Usually, we never set additional markup on commissions/spreads, unless it is specified. You open your account in accordance with the standard conditions of the chosen brokerage.
  • Why do strategy providers share their trades?
    Strategy providers’ services are paid at the expense of commissions/spreads that we get from brokers. The more profitable trades are concluded, the more a strategy provider earns.
  • What’s the amount of minimum deposit?
    The minimum deposit for account connection is 100 USD (or any other currency equivalent). However, the investment sum depends on trading strategies that you want to connect to. Every trading strategy offers its recommended minimum you are to pay attention to.
  • I still have some questions. How to ask?
    Please, use the feedback form.