Fees & Conditions

  • The service is FREE of charge
    Our compensation is included in spread that we receive from partnered brokers (“spread” is the difference between the bid and ask prices). Usually, we never set additional mark-ups on commissions/spreads, unless it is specified. You will open your account in accordance with the standard conditions defined by the chosen broker.
  • No hidden fees
    You won’t have to pay for monthly subscription (subscription fee), percentage of assets under management (management fee) or percentage of the profits earned (performance fee). No need to pay anything.
  • Minimum deposit is 100 USD
    The minimum deposit required for account connection is 100 USD (or its equivalent in another currency). However, the investment sum depends on the trading strategies you want to connect to. Every trading strategy offers its recommended minimum you are to pay attention to.
  • Safe funds allocation
    All deposits and withdrawals will be made with one of our supported regulated/licensed brokerage company. All trades will be executed in your account opened with a selected broker.
  • No long-term contracts
    You can connect to/disconnect from any trading strategy at any time and on your own decision. You can stop investing at any time and withdraw your funds. No strings attached.
  • Server-based technology
    Some services require keeping your PC running to copy trading signals. With us you don’t need to install any plugins and rent a VPS server. We offer fully automated copy trading technology hosted on our servers.
  • No limits on own trades
    You will have the possibility to copy an unlimited number of trading strategies as well as trade manually at the same brokerage account. You can use any Forex robots and EAs in parallel to trading signals coming from our platform.
  • I still have some questions. How to ask?
    Please, use the feedback form.