Social Trading Network

We hire experienced traders in the financial markets. You can select profitable trading strategies, connect to them and copy identical trades into your brokerage account.

How does Social Trading work

Choose the best strategy providers and complement your investment portfolio with them. Our platform will copy trades to your portfolio automatically. In other words, any time when a connected strategy provider opens a new trade on his account, we open an identical trade on yours. As soon as the trade is closed, we close it on your account, too. All processes are automatic.

Achieve profits pro rata

Trades will be copied either proportionally or according to your personal settings

Example: the account balance of a strategy provider is $10,000. Your account balance is $2,500 (four times less). A strategy provider opens a new trade. As its volume is 1 lot, he earns $500. An identical trade is going to be opened in your account, but you’ll get $125 as its volume is 0.25 lot (four times less).

Forex social trading has never been so easy!

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Social Trading Demo Account

Try our platform without any risks. It is absolutely free of charge and doesn’t impose any further obligations!

We offer you a chance to register your demo account with virtual money on. The main aim of a demo account is to provide new inexperienced users a possibility to become more confident before working with real money. It allows evaluating all functional possibilities of our social trading platform without risks and to the full extent. You’ll check the account and track what trades are carried out by the trading strategies that you’ve connected to.

Virtual account is absolutely identical to a usual real-money account except for one thing: all results are virtual.

Safe Funds Allocation

We offer a safe mode of funds allocation and this is one of platform’s vital benefits. Select any broker, open a trading account and connect it to our platform. All deposits and withdrawals will be made with a selected brokerage company. All trades based on the signals coming from our traders will also be executed in your account opened with a selected broker.

Few of our partners: More right

We offer a choice of the few most known and reliable brokerages. They are licensed and regulated by government authorities. Depending on the jurisdiction of the brokerage that you choose, your funds will be insured for a fixed sum.

Social Trading Benefits

Liquidity of funds

You are never limited by contracts. All existing investments can be suspended. All funds can be withdrawn from the brokerage account. All procedures take up a few minutes.
Low costs

The earned income remains in your account. You are never charged for subscription (subscription fee) and your bonuses for the income (performance fee) are never held back. Brokerage company will charge a small commission for each closed trade.
Fascinating process

You don’t need to spend time on studying or gaining experience. Use experience of people, who learned how to make profit from financial markets. You get the most fascinating part: tracking and checking your brokerage account status several times a day.
Diversification of investments

If you were engaged in investment before, you can invest a part of your capital in trading strategies of our members. Besides, you can distribute money among different strategy providers that work on our platform. It will help to increase the diversification level.
Money works around the clock

Our platform unites trading strategies from different users, who live in numerous countries. They trade at all hours. You can set your investment portfolio in a way to make your money work around the clock, even when you sleep.