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Our course has been especially designed to teach beginners through to experienced traders how to trade the currency market based upon our years of experience and technical knowledge of what makes the Forex market tic!

The open ended course covers 25 modules, with 45 lectures, and includes written text, audio and video presentations. Students can learn at their own pace, online and in the comfort of their homes. We cover the history of the market, time zones, trading styles, fundamental analysis and more importantly, technical analysis. Content is continually updated in line with the changes in the market, and more courses will be added to keep us ahead of the game!

What most people don’t realise is that the Forex market is a 24/5 environment that doesn’t stand still. If it is not moving for a fundamental reason – based on a particular governmental news release – it is simply moving on technical analysis; that’s patterns. Yes, trillions of dollars change hands every day because institutional traders follow chart patterns which tell them when to buy a currency until it is overbought (too high) and then sell it until it is oversold (too low).

This yoyoing goes on pretty much all day, every day. We teach our students to hone their skills by staying out of the market during news release events and then to follow the trends set down by the big guns during periods of technical analysis trading, (90% of the time). We provide pattern software in the course and show our students how to identify high probability winning trades which present themselves many times per day.

Our specially put together patterns consistently offer a win to lose ratio of 7:3 and where losses can be limited. We then supply them with a virtual $100k, real time, practice account, where we insist they learn on the job until they are confident enough to trade with their own funds in a live account.

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