Synergy V4
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– Synergy V4 trades normalized harmonic price patterns (formed at important Fibonacci levels) in the form of the basic ABCD and channels on the H1 time frame. It also trades breakouts/fallouts and price reversals.
– The EA has an intelligent risk management system that locks in profits and cuts losses short to keep drawdowns at a reasonable level.
– Virtual stop-loss and take-profit level are supported.
– Average profit/loss ratio is 1.5:1. Trade success rate is 51% (over 13 year backtest).
– Synergy V4 doesn’t use martingale, pyramiding and pending orders.
– The EA is compliant with NFA rules: it doesn’t utilize hedging and follows FIFO.
– Synergy V4 is broker independent and can trade on any type of account: micro, mini, and standard accounts.

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