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FREECost Freevestor has a growing portfolio of ETF inspired Signal Funds. Trading strategy
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Freevestor provides clients with free Signal Funds. Signal Funds are strategy-transparent like ETFs, but operate trades on a 24/5 basis like a trading signal. Freevestor Signal Funds are intended to provide investors and traders with the opportunity to trade Fundamental sentiments and longer range market trends (volatility, bias, trendiness). Freevestor’s portfolio of Signal Funds is growing and includes a U.S. Dollar Long and U.S. Dollar Short Fund. Investors that wish to trade Freevestor Signal Funds should strongly consider making Freevestor their Introducing Broker as they will not only be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to these free Signal Funds, but they will also receive a monthly distribution that is inserted into their trading account or sub-account. Freevestor suggests that investors have multiple sub-accounts to accommodate different Signal Funds so that they can create their own portfolios. Freevestor encourages a mature approach to currency, commodity and index trading.

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