eToro Popular Investor Program

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eToro offers signal providers to build their income starting from Cadet level all the way up to Elite. The program has 4 levels all together, and each level offers different compensation. Anyone who has registered with eToro, uploaded their picture and fully completed the profile can become a signal provider. When a trader gets first follower he can be accepted as a Popular Investor.

etoro popular investor program

The first level of the program – Cadet offers 20% spread rebates as the only compensation. At least 1 follower and minimum deposit of $1000 are required to start receiving rebates. As a Cadet (and also at the higher levels) you must comply with eToro Responsible trading guidelines and meet $500 minimum average equity requirement. Promotion to the next level can not be achieved earlier then in two months from joining the program. At level one amount of assets under management is limited to $50000.

The second level is called Rising Star and is granted when a signal provider reaches 50 followers. At this level spread rebates increase to 30% plus a signal provider receives additional compensation of $500 per month. In order to become a Rising Star a minimum deposit of $5000 is required. Average equity must be $1000 or higher. Amount of assets under management is increased till $100 000. Promotion to the third level can be achieved in another 2 months or later when a signal provider reaches the benchmark of 250 followers.

Champion level has similar requirements and payout structure to a Rising Star, but in this case a managing trader receives 50% spread rebate and $1000 monthly compensation. Maximum volume of assets under management is $300000. Minimum deposit at this level stays the same — $5000, but the minimum average equity requirement raises from $1000 to $5000.

The top level – Elite can be achieved in a minimum time frame of another 2 months and only after a signal provider gets at least $300000 under management (number of followers doesn’t matter at this point). An Elite trader receives a monthly bonus of $1000 plus a 2% commission along with a 100% spread rebate. eToro Elite traders also get additional bonuses such as budgets for marketing and education. Prior to becoming an Elite trader one must make a deposit of $20000 and have minimum average equity of $10000. At this point the limit on assets under management is removed and the Elite eToro signal provider gets premium account status. Top 2 levels (Champion and Elite) also get access to investment research data provided by eToro Trading Central.

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