• Forex Market Participants

    What is Forex market and how does it work

    Forex is the largest financial market with a daily volume of more than $5 trillion (ten times larger than ALL of the world’s stock ...

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  • Who is forex trader

    Who is Forex trader

    Forex trader is a person, who carries out currency transactions with the intent to make profit from exchange rate movements. You need to learn ...

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  • Currency exchange rates

    How to trade Forex and make money

    Trading in the Forex market can be compared with a work of exchange office, where one can buy a currency of one country for a currency of another ...

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  • How to generate passive income from Forex trading

    Today you have a possibility to earn a passive income in the Forex market and make money in the financial market without direct participating in ...

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  • Forex leverage margin

    What is Forex leverage and margin

    Leverage is borrowed funds provided by a brokerage company to carry out transactions. It enables a trader to make trades, which volume exceeds ...

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  • Forex orders

    Types of Forex orders

    Types of orders used in the Forex market can be divided into two big groups: pending orders and market orders. Order is an order given to a ...

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  • Forex trading sessions

    Forex market trading hours and sessions

    Treading in the financial markets is a relatively challenging activity, which requires taking into consideration a large number of various ...

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  • Forex risk management

    9 recommendations for smart risk management in Forex

    The proper management of risks involved in trading in the Forex market allows earning a regular income in the long-run. There are some ...

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