Ascent II
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Joseph Smith Developer
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99 USDCost Volatility BreakoutsTrading strategy
N/ARecommended minimum EURUSDInstruments/markets
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– Ascent II trades volatility breakouts on EURUSD pair and the M15 time frame, however, it can trade many instruments. The breakouts caused by news reports, trendline breaks, etc. create trends that the EA captures.
– Take-profits and stop-losses are dynamic and self-adjusting.
– Ascent II shows good results in terms of long-term profit.
– No grid or martingale-based trading.
– Designed, tested, and optimized using the highest quality data (Birt’s TDS).
– It is not a high-frequency trading robot: it makes only a few trades per week on average.
– You can find another Expert Advisors on the website: Sentry, Silicon Raptor, Silicon Phoenix and Wave.

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