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PhiBase Technologies Developer
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1450 USDCost Price actionTrading strategy
3000 USDRecommended minimum GBPUSDInstruments/markets
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– CabEX strategy is price action near moving averages and its extremities.
– When using recommended risk, the robot can earn 40-60% potential profit per year.
– CabEX can continue to yield reasonable profit even if the price range remains narrow.
– It has a professional trade management system: it will close losing trades and keep winning trades running.
– Backtests are based on high quality tick data from 2007-2015.
– Risk/reward ratio is 2:3 and win rate is about 50%.
– The EA can be run on any broker and any account type.

Is CabEX scam or not?


CabEX Reviews

  • 1/5   Patrick Watson

    CabEX is another con in the world of forex EAs. I signed up to use their forex signals about three weeks before but got nothing in return. Very poor forex service and no sound signals whatsoever. Signing up for their trial is nothing more than a waste of time.