Ayondo Top Trader review

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Ayondo has a multi-level system which is called “trader career” to make the process of growing personal signal provider account more interesting. Everyone starts as street trader and must proof they know how to keep risks at moderate levels before moving up the career ladder. Street level status lasts for 30 days during which a trader must comply with the following requirements: execute at least 5 round trades, maintain positive balance, get performance of at least 0,5% during the Street Trader period, keep maximum drawdown above 25%. Entry level traders receive $1 for every lot traded at their follower account. If a signal provider fails to meet one of the qualification rules, he will have to start over his trial period and stay at a Street trader level for another 30 days. If maximum drawdown exceeds 25% mark, a signal provider will stay at a Street Trader level forever.

ayondo top trader

The second level is called Advanced and lasts two times longer – 60 days. Demonstrating control over strategy volatility during this time is especially important. Progress to a next level can be made when/if a signal provider has executed 5 trades with a maximum drawdown above 25%  and the overall performance at this level is 1% or higher. Advanced traders receive $2 for every LOT generated. If a trader experiences losses during Advanced level he will return to Street Trader again.

The third level – Professional – lasts for 90 days and has the same drawdown requirements as the previous two. On top of that a Professional must execute at least 15 trades and demonstrate a minimum performance of 1,5% during the level period. Professionals get $3 compensation per LOT. 4th “Risk adjusted” level lasts 180 days and also requires at least 15 completed trades, but with a minimum performance of 3%. Signal providers who have progressed till this level receive $4 per LOT.

The highest level in the Ayondo Top Trader program is called Institutional. This level lasts for a whole year (365 days) and offers $5 compensation per every LOT. An Ayondo signal provider should still take caution to not exceed the maximum drawdown requirement of 25% and demonstrate a yearly performance of at least 6%. Not complying with performance or number of trades requirement (30 closed trades at Institutional level) may lead to going back to the previous level, while exceeding the 25% drawdown mark sends a user all the way back to Street Trader without chances for further progress. To get the payment for providing signals Ayondo strategy provider must calculate his income and send an invoice to ayondo GmbH in Frankfurt. The company promises to pay the invoice within 30 days.

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