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– Signals are mainly provided for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY pairs. Signals for commodities are sent to registered users as a special offer.
– The market is monitored by experts all the days around. However, signals are usually provided around 4.30 AM (GMT) to 12.30 PM (GMT). As for entry signals, they are sent around 4.30 AM (GMT) to 5.30 AM (GMT). Orders are typically closed on the day of trade opening by 12.30 PM (GMT).
– Entry signals are sent via e-mail or the website, but exit signals are sent via e-mail only. 1-2 signals are generated every trading day.
– Sometimes they send pending orders.
– Customers also receive updates on market positions via e-mail, if necessary, after they have got signals.
– Daily profit may hit 50+ to 500 pips or even more. A guaranteed monthly profit is 1500+ pips.
– Average stop loss is 40 to 50 pips.
– Trades are reported on the website as they happen.
– The website’s expert team also provides free forecasts. They differ from trading signals and represent ideas of the future market movements that are profitable in 80% of cases.
– The guideline is also provided for customers.

Is Forex Pips Signal scam or not?


Forex Pips Signal Reviews

  • 4.5/5   Tite

    The company is what they claim they are. It is not a scam. I have been using their services since 2016and the signals work 99.9% of the time! They are not perfect, there have been some 4 or5 instances where their service was sort of below good standards.However, overall they provide avery profitable and professional business!Try them once and you will be hooked for the long run.